Music Makes the People Come Together, Yeah!!

I was chatting with one of my wives this afternoon, and she mentioned this thing called the International Mixtape Project. It’s kind of like a chain letter, except cool instead of annoying: you sign up on their website, pay a $10 fee to cover their admin costs (fair, I suppose), and submit your address. Each month, a random member’s address is sent to you, and  you mail them a mixtape or CD.  You, in turn, receive one from another random member. (Please note that if anyone actually sends me a tape, I’ll be pissed. I got rid of my Walkman when I was twelve and how the fuck will I get the songs onto my computer?? Damn hipsters.)

With 1200 members in thirty countries, I expect the musical tastes of the IMP to be relatively broad. It sounds like a great way to gain exposure to new and different artists, and share something with a stranger who could be thousands of miles away. The IMP is yet another manifestation of our generation’s desire to connect … amirite? I love that it makes use of snail mail. Receiving an email containing a .zip file full of mp3’s is just, I’m sorry, not interested. But a real thing, a physical package that necessitates the checking of my mailbox? Now that‘s exciting.

So I just signed up. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love, Sarah

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