Gawking at Hawker

Today is one of those days just overflowing with positivity and promise… and all that other hippy-dippy crap. But seriously, it started with a delicious albeit gluttonous brunch of caesers, Freedom Toasts, Ossington Massives et al., at The Lakeview; shared with great friends and lots of laughter. Reason 520 why I love my city: It is just the right size, large-ish and metropolitan, yet cozy enough that on any given “brunch day”, you can collide with great friends by happenstance. Especially is the case on a beautiful and warm spring holiday while dining anywhere near Bellwoods.

On our way homeward we decided to pop our heads into the soon to open Hawker Bar on Ossington, the Laliberte brother’s newest venture; a cozy neighbourhood nook specializing in Singapore street food. (Click the link to learn more about the culture behind this unique cuisine). I have seen it in its many phases of development, but now having witnessed it come together in its final stages, I must say I damn near floated away on a cloud of excitement. I dare not give too much away, it is always more fun to see these brand new spaces for oneself, but whatever you do – pay this spot a visit when she launches. There shan’t be an undilated pupil in the joint.

Gawk on these in the meantime:

Early Stages:

Delicious Fishes:

Mood Lighting: * A comment about this: Lighting really can make or break a space, especially in a bar, especially in a small bar. An overlooked nuance to many, I believe it is one of the most important considerations. The Lalibertes have pulled something off here with their choice. My magpie brain approves!

Now off to frolic with the wildlife avec my partner in crime, Sourz Dino Egg in one hand, one hitter in the other.

– Sssssylvia.

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