Helltown, Ohio

Every once in a while I like to really creep myself out. I am a scary movie junkie, I enjoy thrillers, and horror novels; the more eerily realistic the better. I am that person that opts to view disturbing videos and imagery when everyone else is turning away or covering their eyes.

Helltown, Ohio… Yes please! I might mention here that this hell-on-earth happens to be located just a short jaunt off route while en route to Tennessee, home of Bonnaroo, and I will be urging my driving buddies this year to take a stop at this (final??!!) destination. Hopefully at dusk.

Formerly named Boston, Ohio, this abandoned settlement got its new moniker after it’s residents were evicted when the area was designated to become a part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and today their houses remain either demolished or boarded up. Rumours started when the land was never properly cleared out, and many of the houses stayed intact, locals claiming that the area had been bought up not to make room for a national park, but rather to cover up a chemical spill. It is said that at any given time parades of ghosts, satanists, KKK members, an escaped mental patient, and even a giant mutated snake can be found looking for their next victim and just generally being creepy. Any takers?

To view some more info on Helltown, and to brush up on the 10 Most Terrifying Places on Earth visit Listverse.

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